Automatic Surface Tensiometer, DyneMaster DY-700

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Automatic Surface Tensiometer, DyneMaster DY-700 with Powder wettability analysis, Powder Contact Angle, Dynamic Contact Angle and Liquid Density mesurement capabilities. The DY-700 utilizes an advanced electronic balance allowing researchers to obtain even more precise Dynamic Contact Angle results on fast moving solid surfaces. Measurement Methods: -Suface/Interfacial Tension -Dynamic Contact Angle -Powder Contact Angle & Wetting Speed -Lamella Length Measurement -Liquid Density Measurement (Pycnometer) Measurement Range of Surface Tension: 0~100mN/m *balance capacity & displaying range is 0~1,000mN/m Measurement Accuracy: 0.02mN/m Resolution: 0.01mN/m Stage Speed, Stroke: 0.002~50 mm/s, 50mm Standard Measurement Unit: Platinum Plate Optional Measurement Unit & Kits: -Du Nuoy Platinum Ring -Density Measurement Kit -Dynamic Contact Angle Measurement Kit -Powder Contact Angle Measurement Kit Optional Measurement Software: -Dynalyzer add-in license [Powder Measurement] by Washburn theory, powder wetting speed, powder contact angle and powder true density are measured -Dynalyzer add-in license [Dynamic Contact Angle Measurement] by Wilhelmy plate method, advancing and receding contact angle hysteresis are measured. Measurement Temperature: Ambient~15-degreeC (Heater type stage required), 10~70degreeC (Jacket type stage required) External Dimensions: 295(W)x415(D)x452(H)mm Weight: 23kg Electric Power: AC100/240 ~50/60Hz Composed of: -Main unit with motorized up/down stage, electronic balance, and anti-electrostatic front cover -Stage up/down speed 0.002 - 50mm/s, stroke 50mm -Built-in thermometer (Platinum Resistance Sensor) -Built-in Magnetic Stirrer and Jacket Stage (water bath is required to control temperature) -Built-in Calibration System *Standard Accessories include* -Platinum Plates (x2) -Glass Lab Dishes for Surface Tension (x2) -Alcohol Lamp -Forcepts -Software -Serial Cable -Operation Manual in English *Standard Software Functions* The software DYNALYZER has basic functions to control the stage, log data, and analyze the following physical properties; 1. Surface/Interfacial Tension measurement by Wilhelmy plate method, and Du Nouy Ring Method 2. Lamella Length Measurement 3. Liquid Density Measurement Typical applications: ‰Ñ  Dynamic contact angle: evaluating coating property ‰Ñ  Powder contact angle: evaluating wettability, dispersiveness of powder sample ‰Ñ  Lamella length: evaluating foaming stability of coating agents