DYne Master Model 300 Automatic Tensiometer with Computer

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DY 300 Automatic Tensiometer for duNouy Ring & Wilhelmy Plate Methods of Surface Tension measurement. Main unit: Software provided on CD, Platinum plates (x2), Glass lab dishes for surface tension (x2), Calibration weights (200mg x2), built in Level, Alcohol lamp, Forceps, and operation manual. Performance Features: -Fully automatic operation by single command button -For QC use: repetition of measurement can be preset -For surface solutions: graph of variations over time can be plotted -For R&D use: functions of graph overwriting and data converting to spreadsheet are prepared -Measurements of lamella length, and liquid density are available in addition to surface/interfacial tension Screens: -Surface Tension (static mode) -Surface Tension (dynamic variations over time) -Surface Tension (high viscous material) -Lamella Length Applications: -Surface Tension: evaluating detergency of detergents, wettability of coating agents -Interfacial Tension: evaluating emulsification property of water/oil -Lamella Length: evaluating foaming stability of coating agents -Liquid Density: measuring density of liquids Specifications: -Measurement Method: Wilhelmy Plate method/ du Nouy Ring method -Measurement Range: 0~100 mN/m *Balance capacity and displaying range 0~1000 mN/m -Measurement Accuracy: 0.2 mN/m -Resolution: 0.01 mN/m -Stage Speed: 0.1~1 mm/s -Measurement Temperature: Ambient~150 degrees C (Heater type stage system) 10~70 degrees C (Jacket type stage set with hot/cold water circulator 4VT) -Software: Standard: Surface/Interfacial tension, Lamella length, Liquid density -Detecting Parts: Standard: Platinum plate Option: Platinum ring, Pycnometer for density, Accessory for sedimentation -External Dimensions: 255(W)x307(D)x369(H) mm -Weight: about 12.5kg -Electric power: AC100-240~50/60Hz 35W 75VA Also does Lamella length and liquid density measurements Laptop computer with pre-installed software included