Aquapal III Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer (no Glassware)

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Aquapal III Moisture Analyzer (no Glassware) Coulometric Titrator Standard Glassware Tests according to ASTM D4928, D1533, D1744 and equivalent methods. CE approved Manufacturer. unit ready for operation, includes: •âá Built in printer with standard paper backs up test with hard copy results. •âá Verify test at any time with printout including mean, standard deviation and coefficient of variation. •âá Speed is 2 mg/minute •âá Test range from 1ppm to 100% •âá Sensitive to 0.1 ug •âá Calculations in Weight, volume or dilution •âá *Automatic Drift Correction •âá Results printed in ppm -% - ug •âá Standard RS232C output •âá Small lab foot print 14" x 8" •âá * Portable (field Use)