Sinar SP6600 Moisture Probe
Sinar SP 6600 Moisture Probe - Hand Held Mositure Probe For Sacks, Bags, etc.
3,026.00 3026.0 USD
Sinar GrainSpear with 2m Shaft
Sinar 6300 GrainSpear with 2m Shaft - Measure Bulk Foodstuffs
2,553.90 2553.9 USD
Sinar GrainSpear 1 Meter Shaft
Sinar 6300 GrainSpear 1 Meter Shaft - Measure Bulk Foodstuffs
1,925.00 1925.0 USD
Sinar GrainPro Moisture Analyzer
Sinar GrainPro Loading Hopper and Sample Measuring Cup; Calibrated for Wheat, Barley, Oats, OSR, Linseed, Peas, Beans, Maize, Rye
(Connection cables sold separately)
4,400.00 4400.0 USD
Sinar GermPro 7010
Sinar GermPro 7010 Germination Tester. Determine the germinative capacity of grains and seeds.
• Accelerated vacuum process reduces testing time
• Test two samples simultaneously
• Portable
• Built-in timer
• Robust reliable construction
• Easy to use
Power: Switchable from 110V – 240V
Temperature Control: To 0.5 °C
Built-in timer: To 0.1 of a minute (6s)
Supplied with power cable, hand vacuum pump, manual, flask and 2 slides.
3,267.00 3267.0 USD
Sinar FarmPro Moisture Analyzer
Sinar 6090 FarmPro Moisture Analyzer: Handheld grind moisture meter with case
2,362.50 2362.5 USD
Sinar 6070 BeanPro Calibration Analyzer
Sinar 6070 BeanPro Calibration Analyzer: Handheld, whole green coffee bean moisture meter with carrying case
4,491.00 4491.0 USD