3 inch diameter sieves

Next, choose your preferred sieve type:

mesh certified sieves

Mesh certified sieves are made under stringent quality control procedures. The wire cloth is checked at each stage of manufacture with optical measuring instruments and a final inspection of apertures and frame dimensions is made before the Endecotts certificate of compliance is issued.

Why Choose Mesh Certified Sieves?

  • Each sieve has its own serial number, ensuring full traceability.
  • Precise aperture, in accordance with ASTM-E11, ISO 3310-1 Standards.

  • Filet allows free-flowing sample.

mid-point sieves

Mid-Point sieves are made with sieve mesh tolerances reduced by 30% Each sieve is supplied with a Calibration Document giving the range of actual tolerances and the measurements taken. These are the most precise production sieves made.

Why Choose Mid-Point Sieves?

  • Tighter tolerance.
  • Predominant use in master stack, used to check and re-calibrate sieves used in everyday testing.
  • High level of repeatability.

Electroformed Sieves

ASTM Specification E161-12 covers the requirements for design and construction of electroformed sieves. These sieves are used to perform particle size distribution analysis, and in preparing narrowly designated particle-size fractions. They may also be used as reference standards when suitably calibrated.

The process of electroforming the sieve mesh results in very tight tolerances of the openings. It is possible to manufacture sieves using this process that can hold a +/- 2 micron tolerance.

why choose electroformed sieves?

  • Tight tolerances, especially for low micron size mesh. 
  • Reliable; undergoes microscopic inspection.
  • Consistent and accurate.